Growing your business means consistently looking for easy and time saving ways to stay in touch with existing clients and finding creative ways to attract new clients. 

Yes, great offers are awesome, however the BEST way to stay engaged with clients is simply promptly responding to client’s questions about new offers or about your services in general. 

Timeliness of your response is crucial because they can quickly lose interest if they don’t hear back from your office.

If you are promoting your services on social media, responding to each platform can be a challenge. Not gonna lie.. It’s a big job!  

And then when you want to follow up… you can never remember which platform was used.

Right? And what about email inquiries, text messages, and phone calls?


Growing businesses need processes and systems to work smoothly and effectively.

Here are 5 reasons to have an All-In-One Inbox service:

  1. Never miss a message. Whether you get a message from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Business Listing, Phone Call, Email Message, or Text Message, you can view and reply to any message in place.
  2. Reply automatically. Replying with a personalized message saying that you have received their message gives clients and prospects that vote of confidence there is someone on the other side. If you miss a call, an automatic text message apologizing for missing the call can also start a conversation by requesting more details about said inquiry.
  3. Search messages. It happens! We all forget sometimes who sent a message but remember something that was said. Searching all messages by keyword is a huge time saver.
  4. Update contact info. Add full contact info, notes, To-do’s, and schedule appointments. Appointments can be connected to your Google or Outlook calendar automatically!
  5. Invoice and request payment. Create an invoice and send a payment link to any client in seconds
  6. Schedule automated messages. Send Birthday, Mother’s day, Holiday greetings, or any other message automatically.
  7. Automated follow ups. Send out personalized messages based on specific client actions on an email or web page.

Our LeadConnector app provides a simple way to manage inquiries from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Business Listing, Phone Calls, Email Messages, and Text Messages all in one place.

Start regaining your time for as little as $49 per month, so that you can better focus your energy on serving your clients.