Social media marketing entails posting useful and/or entertaining content on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others to promote your practice, yourself, your treatments, and your products. And if you take a look at what aesthetic practitioners across the U.S. are posting, you will discover a wide range of different types of content including:

  • Before and after pictures and videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Special offers and sales
  • Fun staff and office pics
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Live treatment videos
  • Memes
  • etc., etc.

However, have you ever asked yourself… Do these social media posts really make me money? The sad truth is… the big social media networks like Facebook and Instagram only show your post to a small number of followers. And that number seems to get smaller if those followers don’t engage with your posts. This is precisely why advertising is key to a consistent circulation of your posts.

How To Get the Highest Return for Your Social Media Marketing Buck

Whether you want to increase product sales, email subscribers, appointments, or brand recognition, it is imperative to put together a well-thought-out plan. Start with a strategy Every message you post – be it video, product info, irresistible offer, before and after, etc. – must be crafted in a way to subtly invite prospects to do something. It is not enough to post pictures just to stay in touch. You must ask viewers to do something: Like, share, add a comment, call or click the link. Track your results The only way to ensure your social media efforts are profitable is to track how many prospects become clients directly associated with your campaigns. Marketing pixels and a call tracking service are great ways to stay on top of the numbers. And by the way, don’t fall into the trap of wasting your time posting other people’s jokes, articles, or funny pictures! Keep your content original and consistent so that your followers can immediately identify your posts as they scroll through their news feeds.

What Are the Benefits of Going Social

As with any advertising medium, there are pros and cons to advertising on social media. The pros include the ability to reach highly targeted audiences and lower advertising costs compared to TV, radio, and print. You can advertise to your followers, audiences that have similar interests to your followers, as well as, people who have visited your website or even a specific page on your website. As a business owner, you have much more control over the message you send out. It’s important, however, that your message be clear, direct, and well-positioned for your audience. Social media marketing is about engaging followers or fans with what you have to say or offer. By targeting the right core group of highly engaged individuals on any given social network, you can reach exponentially more prospects with your message! The cons are having to comply with ever-changing advertising rules from each network and the time-consuming nature of being social (interacting with followers). The intrinsic benefits however are numerous. Social media allows you to:

  • Become an authority in your specialty over time
  • Develop a following of potential clients
  • Improve search engine rankings of your website
  • Maintain visibility of your products, treatments, and brand

If you are looking to implement a social media strategy on your own, do yourself a favor… do your research to find out what has worked for other practices.

Social Media Marketing Approach

A strategic approach to social media requires figuring out what messages draw engagement and selecting the right audience to show those messages through advertising. Different messages must be crafted depending on whether you want to raise awareness of your treatments or brand, present an offer, or request to take an action such as signing up to an email list or RSVP to an event. Using social media marketing to promote your practice should be direct, effective, and profitable regardless if you are selling a product, offering a treatment, or promoting an event. And keep in mind that each objective requires a different approach.

About Our Approach

We implement social media strategies to drive targeted traffic to high-value irresistible offers that showcase you and your practice as an authority. We use a proven methodology that reduces no-shows dramatically and entices high-value ideal clients to schedule an appointment. For detailed marketing strategy information please visit