What is Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Social media marketing allows you to exploit social networks to promote your products and/or services. Web 2.0 properties are a collection of sites that showcase user-generated and user-referred content. Combined these Web 2.0 Social Media properties offer an overabundance opportunities in all forms of media including:

  • Content publishing: hubpages.com, tumblr.com, wordpress.com
  • Video publishing: metacafe.com, youtube.com, vimeo.com
  • Photo sharing: flickr.com, fotolog.com
  • Bookmarking: stumbleupon.com, del.icio.us
  • Networking: Facebook.com, linkedin.com
  • Microblogging: twitter.com, rummble.com
  • Music: Jango.com, last.fm
  • News: digg.com, propeller.com, technorati.com

There are numerous additional categories within these that you can benefit from, aimed at interests (sports, politics), demographic groups (teens, babyboomers), and more. Any company wading into the web 2.0 and social media marketing pool needs to know where to start to avoid being overwhelmed. More damming still is the chance of marketing your product or service in a way that affects your brand negatively!

How Can You Get the Best Return for Your Social Media Marketing Buck?

Simple… start with a strategy. Every message or content you put out must be crafted to subtly invite prospects to try your product or service. It is not enough to stay in touch. Don’t fall into the trap of wasting your time posting other people’s jokes, articles or funny pictures!

Whether you want to increase sales, subscribers, attendance or brand recognition; it is imperative that a thought out plan be implemented.

What Are the Benefits of Going “Social 2.0”?

The benefits  are numerous. You can:

  • Quickly become an authority in your niche
  • Develop a following based on word-of-mouth and referrals
  • Target your audience based on their interests
  • Get higher search engine rankings
  • Ongoing buzz of your product, service or brand to a targeted market

The cost for social media marketing is low in comparison to traditional marketing techniques such as print, radio and TV. It is far more targeted too. As a brand you have much more control over the message you send out. It’s important however, that your message be clear, direct and well-positioned on the appropriate sites.

One example of this is Old Navy’s $1 sandal sale – it lasted only 1 day but made it to the top trending topic on Twitter simply through word of mouth!

Marketing is about engaging followers or fans with what you have to say or offer. By hooking the right core group on any given social network or Web 2.0 property, you can reach thousands of prospects with your message!

If you are looking to implement a Web 2.0 Social Media strategy on your own, do yourself a favor… consult a professional to steer you in the right direction.

Our Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Approach

A strategic approach to web 2.0 social media, requires adapting proven strategies to your company’s business needs. Select from a menu of dozens of media sites to find the people you want to reach and raise their awareness of your products, services and brand.

Social media marketing for your company, service or product needs to be direct, effective and profitable. We have a solution whether you offer a product, service or event. Each category requires a completely different approach. There’s no point signing up for Facebook if your target demographic is on LinkedIn!

We implement a social media strategy to drive targeted traffic to your website and/or position you as an authority while you focus on making money. We’re experts on social media marketing, and bring our knowledge of this expanding field to the table. By setting up social media marketing accounts and then building your brand’s connections with site users, we ensure you have a prominent voice in the Web 2.0 Social Media conversation.