One search engine rankings factor that we pay close attention to here at CaveMedia is “Time on Site” or TOS also referred to as “Dwell Time”. How long does a user stay on your website?

Time on Site is closely related to how well the website performs it’s objectives, which may be:

  • Sell a product or service online
  • Generate leads such as a call, schedule a consultation or contact form submission
  • Promote a product or service
  • Boost foot traffic to a retail location or event
  • Etc.

Consider this… The longer users stays on your site, the higher the chances he/she will buy from you. To that effect, below are 7 updates you (or your webmaster) can implement to increase engagement and TOS, and while at it, improve your search engine rankings.

7 Updates to Increase Visitor Engagement

1. Make your value proposition clear

There’s nothing more compelling to your website visitors than knowing that they landed on the right website. Include your value proposition (a couple of sentences that describes what you do) or self-evident slogan to assure visitors you have a solution for them. If possible, include both on every page of your website.

Solution: Send your value proposition and slogan to your webmaster to add it to the website.

2. Take advantage of headlines

Headlines don’t have to be short. On the contrary. They should be long and big enough to communicate an important message your readers should not miss. Use them to introduce the next paragraph or intrigue with a question. This tactic will keep your visitors engaged and move them towards your next headline and/or Call-to-Action.

Solution: Go through your website and re-write your headlines to more compelling statements. Send it to your webmaster

3. Add call-to-action buttons and text strategically

Whether you’re asking your website visitor to Add to Cart, Call or submit a form, do so blatantly. “Call Right Now” is better than “Call us”. Red is known to be your most effective color for your call-to-action buttons but don’t take my word, test it.

Solution: Check your pages and locate every instant where a call to action is missing. Write a short and unique call to action, send it to your webmaster to post it.

4. Make it easy for visitors to Share and Follow your content

When users like your content, offer or information they are likely to share it. Using a code snippet like the one at makes it easy for any website to be shareable. Also make sure you ask visitors to follow you on whichever social media properties you participate.

Solution: Ask your webmaster to post Share buttons to your website and follow you on your other social media properties.

5. Integrate an interactive scheduler or contact form

A great way to ask prospects to take action is through a personalized, interactive client engagement system like vCita. Whether you’d like prospect to call, schedule an appointment or send a message, you’ll find that this type of service is more effective at generating contact better than a static contact page or static call-to-action.

Solution: You can get a free 14-day trial by visiting Then ask your webmaster to add the code provided to your website.

6. Use testimonials or reviews with pictures

Social proof is an important element in closing the sale. Your website visitor will read reviews and testimonials if you make them available. To add legitimacy, include the full name of the client and a picture when possible. You don’t need to include a full length letter, just the part that supports the point you’re making in your product or service offering. Keep it simple and short.

7. Write content that can be skimmed

It’s highly unlikely that anyone will read every single word on your site. They will however, skim through many pages to find what they are looking for and gather enough information to make a buying decision. To that effect, write short, to the point paragraphs and use list and bullet points to make your point. Use headlines/sub-heads to introduce the content of each paragraph(s).

Solution: Check your website for long copy and condense it to short, well defined statements using headings/sub-heads. Send it to your webmaster.

 8. Look legitimate

Once a prospect is ready to buy, he/she will go through various pages to ensure you are a legitimate online business. To legitimize your business, add a way you can be reached other than a contact form or email. Include your phone number and address even if you don’t have a retail store or bricks and mortar office. And don’t forget your terms and conditions, shipping and refund policies. Not only will this lower the amount of phone call you’ll  get but increase the TOS.

Solution: Include every detail to the website a buyer could possibly want to know to take the action you desire.

Take action

All of the updates listed above will increase engagement. Engagement will improve the effectiveness of your marketing objective which I presume is profits. A few hours of your time will pay off exponentially over time.

Help us!

If you would be so kind to let us know if you found these 7 updates useful in the comments area below, that would be AWESOME!

This would be another way to increase engagement. Wink, wink. Oh, that’s number #9

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