All things being equal between two MedSpas or aesthetic practices, the one that will have the most success is the one with better marketing.

What does that mean exactly?

In short, it means you must reach the right audience through the right medium with the right message.

In over words, the better you are at appearing in front of your target market, the better chances you have to sell your services.

Unfortunately, your audience is bombarded with advertising messages all day long. So, you also need to reach your audience through the right medium.

Once you have the right combination of targeted audience and medium, you now need a reason (or multiple reasons) for new customers to choose your practice over any other.

This is where the irresistible offers come into play. Your offer is going to be what entices your customer to choose YOU and take action RIGHT NOW.

Are you wasting time and money on offers that don’t work?

If you are like 99% of MedSpas owners, you provide special offers as a way to entice new and existing customers to buy services from you. Right?

Typically, your offer is a discount. But, if you’re creative, maybe you put multiple services in a package and offer that at a special discounted price.

Then you post your offer on your website, you send out an email, post it on Groupon and on your social media. On occasion, you boost your social media post or advertise that offer in a local newspaper or magazine.

Then you wait.

And wait. Turns out, the only response you get are from Groupon junkies who only purchase from you once and never come back.

If this sounds like you, you are NOT alone.

Millions of dollars are wasted in advertising aesthetic services worldwide.

Who is your target market and what do they want

According to the American Med Spa Association, there are 4,200 medical spas in the United States and the industry is projected to grow at a pace of 8% from 2017 to 2022.

This means there will always be competition for new customers, making it a must to learn how to gain a consistent flow of new customers, as well as, to sell more services to existing clients.

Here are a few facts…

1. The top 3 revenue generating treatments for Med Spas are:

  • Injectables – such as Botox and fillers
  • Aesthetician services
  • Laser hair removal

2. Although the share of male customers are on the rise, 85% of medical spa clients are female

3. Over 50% of medical spa clients are between 35 and 54 years old. An additional 30% are over 55 years old

These are the broad characteristics of your target market. Target them!

Further research in your area can uncover additional commonalities to create a more detailed customer profile.

Get our customer profile questionnaire to fine tune your target market.


How to target the right audience through the right medium

Any medium, whether it be online or offline can be targeted to the right audience. For example, most social media platforms and pay-per-click campaigns can be targeted by age, sex, income and in some cases, by interest.

Offline advertising mediums like local magazines also available with a customer profile. Magazines on wellness and beauty, for example, are primarily targeted to women in your target market. Cable networks like Bravo and Lifetime also target women within your targeted parameters.

A mailing list of subscribers to Redbook, Better Housekeeping, and other female oriented magazines can also prove to be a great source for target marketing.


What you need to know to craft the perfect offer

So now, what do you do with this information?

First of all, keep in mind that we all buy on emotion and rationalize our purchases with logic.

In other words, we all buy either because it feels good, sounds good or looks good. Then we rationalize in our minds how it will improve our lives.

It’s what your prospect will use to justify their decision to purchase or not to purchase. And the strength of your offer will determine how successful you are with this effort.

And keep in mind… Special offers should be used to increase your revenues and profits; not lower them.


New customer trap – Offering a discount to new customers only, penalizes existing customers. This is simply bad business. Always create an offer you can promote to existing customers as well.

Discounts – Offering a discounts is not a sustainable marketing model. You are essentially teaching your customers to wait and use your services for less.

Bait and switch – A is an offer on one treatment when in fact the customer will require multiple treatments to attain results.

What TO DO:

1. Make a BOLD promise

The very first thing your irresistible offer must con tain is an attention drawing headline or title that clearly states a benefit or promise. Be clear so that the reader understands the service and the outcome. Understanding your customer’s most desired outcome must be reflected in your headline offer.

2. Provide social proof

Use the power of influence by including before and afters, testimonials, reviews and strong copy suggesting “everybody is doing it”. Use your testimonials strategically to respond to common objections. This method helps provide convincing proof that your service or product works and reduces the need to research their decision any further.

3. Offer more value than the perceived cost

There are many ways to increase perceived value. Here are our top favorite 3 offers you don’t need to discount to get new and repeat clients:

  1. FREE BONUS – Include a high value (low cost to you) product or service as a bonus
  2. PACKAGED DEAL – Create an enticing solution revolves around several services you can offer as a package
  3. EXCLUSIVE OFFER – Reward existing customers with offers only they can get as a thank you or being a customer.

Irresistible offers are the cornerstone of your business to acquire new clients and repeat customers. And they are not limited to the above.

Other types of great offers can be used depending on a variety of occasions or time of year such as:

  • Birthday offers
  • Loss leaders
  • Loyalty programs
  • Holiday (New Year, Valentines, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc.)
  • Business anniversary
  • Annual open house
  • etc., etc.

4. Compare apples to oranges

Let’s face it. Your competitors most likely offer similar services than you do.

Or do they?

Use your imagination to make a distinction between your service and your competitors. This can be as simple as using one of the offer types in #3 above or specializing in a niche whether it be tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation or body sculpting.

Specialization is a topic for another time but suffice is to say that most us would rather do business with a professional who specializes in a small area than one that is a jack of all trades.

5. Offer a guarantee

I know what you’re thinking. You can’t really offer a guarantee.

That’s BALONEY! First of all, you don’t have to offer a refund. Instead, you can offer to re-do a treatment or prove the results your promised.

Don’t be afraid of clients who may take advantage of your guarantee. One of two things can happen.

The customer sincerely feels she did not get results. In this case, you have the opportunity to make it right and turn him or her into a raving fan or simply re-do the treatment at no loss to you and turn the customer into a raving fan.

It’s a win-win.

The reality is you cannot afford not to offer a guarantee if you want to make your offers immensely more effective. The key here is to remove the risks of buying from you. A guarantee takes away the pre-purchase stress and more importantly, it gives the client confidence to make the purchase.

A satisfied customer is your #1 source of referrals. Simply promising to see a visual or measurable result is will more than pay for itself in more customers as well as more referrals. By using technology or before and after pictures, you CAN prove the results your clients seek.