There are hundreds if not thousands of tools, services and resources that can help you  with your internet marketing needs. Below is a shortlist of tools we recommend for various purposes.


For immediate traffic to your website consider Google Adwords and Yahoo Bing Network. You can bid to appear on search result pages when your keywords are entered in a search query. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Thus the name Pay-per-click advertising.

Email Marketing

If you sell anything online, you need an email marketing system that helps you sort customers from prospects. Aweber is the only program we know that manages your list automatically.

Other programs like MailChimp and iContact also do a great job at delivering your custom newsletter and messages with ease. We DO NOT recommend Constant Contact, but feel free to try it.

Do-it-Yourself SEO

Search engine optimization is a rather simple concept that takes analysis and consistent effort to execute.  Most SEO companies use tools to gather the necessary data to create a strategic seo plan of action. These are some of the tools we use that we find useful

SEO Profiler is an easy to use seo service that provides detailed instruction about what needs to be done to get high rankings. You can get a FREE TRIAL and see for yourself what it takes to compete.

SEOmoz offers an array of tool that helps you analyze your competition and provides actionable recommendations to get high rankings. Take a look at this Free Trial Offer right now. We highly recommend this tool.

One of the most important signals Google looks at when ranking your site are links to your website. Ahrefs is a tool specifically to analyze your competition inbound links and find quality links that will help your site rank at the top of the search engines.

Tracking Services

Heat maps are a great way to identify your winning pages and discard your low performing ones. There are several good option out there like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Clicktale and CrazyEgg to name a few.

Call tracking plays an important roll in determining where and which marketing efforts are producing results. A simple, yet very useful call forwarding and tracking service I use is CallRail.